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'Jiva is the life of all living beings'.

Years ago, India was renowned for its rich culture, developed sciences and excellences in education. People from all over the world would travel to India to avail its wealth of knowledge. However, in the course of time, this heritage has dwindled, and the country is no longer the model it once was. Luckily, all of this knowledge is still available to us in our traditional literature. But people, even most Indians, are not aware of this knowledge, nor of its potential as a remedy for the ailments that plague our modern world.

Jiva Culture has committed itself to rediscover this complete science of life, which helps in establishing a peaceful and harmonious society. Therefore Jiva Culture revisits major cultural motifs, studies indigenous social customs and religious rituals to uncover their deeper social significance. It places emphasis on cultural resurgence for restoring the weakening human-to-human, human-to-animal and human-to-environment relationships.

For this, it engages the services of scholars, sociologists, historians and writers to bring to the fore the embedded traditional knowledge systems hidden in indigenous literature, arts, customs, and rituals. By doing so, it is our aim to establish greater meaning and direction in our lives as individual beings.

Jiva Culture is committed to the preservation, digitization and promotion of ancient Indian knowledge systems.


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